What President Trump could mean for energy and climate policy

(09 November 2016) – Before Donald Trump was elected America’s new president in yesterday’s elections (8 November), experts told EurActiv.com that his presidency would have a corrosive effect on global and EU climate and energy policy.

According to Eurasia Group’s Divya Reddy, (Trump’s election) will represent a significant setback for international climate politics because he has made it very clear that he is against the Paris Agreement, so even if he doesn’t formally withdraw the US from the agreement, (…) the US will not pay attention to its Paris obligations.

(…) a large driver of the momentum behind the Paris was the leadership from President Obama and bilateral relationships ’round climate change that he formed, particularly with China, but also with India and other emerging markets. So (Trump’s election) represents a pretty significant setback. (EurActiv)

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