Thriving and resilient communities promoting planetary health and regeneration.


To create an accessible and evolving international platform for learning, action and advocacy in service to community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability in Europe.

Guiding Principles

The members of ECOLISE are guided at all times by a commitment to:

  • Increase resilience and empower local communities
  • Recognise the strong and complex interdependence of the environment, cultural, social and the economic dimensions
  • Move towards a life sustaining culture inspired by nature
  • Support social inclusion and active citizen participation in governance at all levels
  • Progress through research, innovation and cooperation
  • Work in the interest of all the members of the network and towards common goals
  • Care for the planet and all living beings
  • Value our collaborative work equally, both volunteer and paid work
  • Honour a systems thinking approach – work in one area affects another.


  • Joyful and empathic collective action
  • Accountability, transparency and social responsibility
  • Social justice and a respect for human and environmental rights
  • Political independence, non-discrimination and respect for diversity
  • Fairer distribution of society’s wealth, resources and opportunities leading to economic equality
  • Building multicultural bridges, including outside of Europe.