UrbanA: Open call to share projects on sustainable & just cities!

This is an open call to all city-makers to share projects that address issues of (un)sustainability and (in)justice in cities. Are you a policy-maker, activist, entrepreneur, intellectual, citizen or otherwise engaged individual interested in making cities better? Are you curious about what others are doing? Please share your knowledge & experience with us and we’ll share the results with you!

Do you know of projects that address urban (un)sustainability and/or (in)justice and would you like to share those projects with the world?

Please take this 5-minute survey now!

(A selection of) projects proposed through this survey will become part of our UrbanA database that will share (a selection of) projects, and existing and new approaches to tackle urban (un)sustainability and (in)justice.

About the UrbanA Project
The connections, tensions and contradictions between inclusivity, social (in)equality and ecological sustainability are sources of endless fascination and debate, especially in the context of cities and rapid urbanisation. This includes issues of green gentrification, climate justice, energy democracy, social housing and many others. In our UrbanA project on Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities, we synthesize knowledge and experience generated in projects that tackle urban (un)sustainability and (in)justice. Over the coming three years, UrbanA will organise a series of four blended Arena Events (online and physical) where we bring together city-makers from across Europe who (aim to) design and transform cities into sustainable, inclusive and thriving urban environments and want to learn from existing and new approaches.

What’s next? Survey results and beyond
The UrbanA-database that we build shares (a selection of) the proposed projects, existing and new approaches to tackle urban (un)sustainability & (in)justice. It is a starting point for distilling and co-creating knowledge on drivers, barriers, governance scenarios and policy recommendations for just and sustainable cities. The database and subsequent insights will be presented, deliberated and adapted during UrbanA’s Arena events and made openly available on UrbanA website over the coming years (2019-2021). While the UrbanA database will focus on EU-funded projects, we also welcome your knowledge of other relevant projects.

Share your project and/or stay informed about UrbanA
Do you know of projects that address urban (un)sustainability and/or (in)justice and would you like to share those projects with the world? Please let us know by filling in this short survey. Here you can also indicate if you want to stay informed of UrbanA’s outcomes and future events. For more information on UrbanA, take a look at the website in development.


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