Upaya Ambiente – Film Meeting – ‘Who Cares?’ – Mara Mourão

Film Meeting – Who cares?

WHO CARES? is a film shot in seven countries which carries a very empowering message for individuals: anyone can be a change maker, regardless of leadership or marketable skills. It starts with having a vision for society while seeking accomplishment in one’s life through contributions to improving the lives of others.

The Director, Mara Mourão
“I believe social entrepreneurship is here to make capitalism go back to where it should be, a more humane capitalism, where the profit is not the final objective, but the profit is the result of social benefit. This new mentality, unlike the 80s that emphasized consumerism, has probably originated by necessity. After all, this is the first time in the history of humanity that we all have a common enemy – the environmental issue, the resource depletion and our own survival as species, unites us.”


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