Transition Town Kinsale Celebrate the first European Day of Sustainable Communities

Join Transition Town Kinsale at the Community Orchard in Kinsale to celebrate the first European Day of Sustainable Communities.

Fruit and Nut Tree Planting & Maintenance Talk with Thomas Riedmuller (permaculture teacher at Kinsale College) and The Community Orchard Harvest with Margret Thuillier (Transition Town Kinsale)

Followed by the requisite cuppa!

And after a tour of natural buildings (cob cordwood amphitheatre and roundhouse) and gardens of Kinsale College to show case ground breaking permaculture, drama and cookery courses at this unique further education college, where the Transition Town movement started 12 years ago. Tour by Thomas Riedmuller and Klaus Harvey.

Also see the other events in West Cork, over the weekend, to mark European Day of Sustainability

Open Day at The Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability
Saturday 23rd September, 2.00-5.00 pm

Official Opening of the new Culture Dome at the Clonakilty Community Garden
Friday 22nd September
From 5.00pm at Clonakilty Community Arts Centre

Cycle without Age
Saturday 23rd September
meet up at O’Donovan’s Hotel
1.00pm-2.00pm Tri-Shaw pilot training (bicycle rikshaw for people with limited mobility)

2.00-4.00pm Come visit the ‘Silver Bullet’ (Tri-Shaw), be a passenger for our pilot training, experience the joy of Clonakilty’s volunteer cycle project

Clonakilty Chocolate – talk & tasting
Saturday 23rd Sep 4.00 pm.
Proud recipients of the Cork sustainable food awards, founder Allison Roberts will give a 45 minute talk about their social enterprise, Fairtrade supply chain, closed loop systems at the micro-factory HQ,


We are working on a new website for ECOLISE.

Meanwhile you can follow our work on the Communities for Future website.

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