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  • Land and Soil Management Award

    (28 November 2016) – The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) has launched the 2016-2017 edition of its Land and Soil Management Award. Sustainable land and soil management is central to improve our food systems, maintain a healthy environment and ensure European rural development. Indeed, soils, through their structure and the great

  • It’s Time to Celebrate Terra Madre Day!

    (24 November 2016) – Held every year on December 10, Terra Madre Day serves as an opportunity to intensify the public awareness on the severe loss of biodiversity that is threatening food security and contributing to climate change. The Terra Madre network is made up of farmers, fishers, producers and

  • Sustainable development: a glance at where the European Union stands

    (22 November 2016) – Today Eurostat issues the publication “Sustainable Development in the European Union – A statistical glance from the viewpoint of the UN Sustainable Development Goals”. It provides an overview of the current situation of the EU and its Member States in relation to the 17 Sustainable Development

  • How to amplify agroecology

    (18 November 2016) – ILEIA – Centre for learning on sustainable agriculture, an independent organisation based in the Netherlands that supports agro-ecological approaches and family farming, has published a new report on how to amplify agroecology. In May 2016, the AgroEcology Fund (AEF) and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in

  • ECOLISE enters the EU policy arena

    (16 November 2016) – On November 8 and 9, representatives of seven ECOLISE member organisations attended a policy training event in Brussels, which included visits to the main EU institutions and meetings with senior EU politicians and officials. The event highlighted important opportunities and pathways for ECOLISE to contribute to

  • Climate action facing stronger headwinds at COP22

    (15 November 2016) – Donald Trump’s election appears to have stalled the momentum of the Paris Agreement. Concern over the future of the deal is palpable among participants at the COP22 in Marrakesh. “After a difficult year, we have things to celebrate,” said EU Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete. “Not

  • ECOLISE at the first European Commons Assembly in Brussels

    (14 November 2016) – The first meeting of the European Commons Assembly will take place in Brussels from the 15th-17th of November 2016 and ECOLISE will be represented by Genny Carraro, Managing Director of GEN-Europe. This event provides an opportunity for commoners from around Europe to gather in solidarity, network

  • Energy, transport and environment statistical book

    (10 November 2016) – Eurostat today publishes the 2016 edition of the Energy, Transport and Environment Indicators Statistical Book. The publication opens with a general data chapter which offers a first macroscopic overview of the main characteristics of the EU and its position with regard to the main economies worldwide.

  • What President Trump could mean for energy and climate policy

    (09 November 2016) – Before Donald Trump was elected America’s new president in yesterday’s elections (8 November), experts told EurActiv.com that his presidency would have a corrosive effect on global and EU climate and energy policy. According to Eurasia Group’s Divya Reddy, (Trump’s election) will represent a significant setback for

  • Articles/reports wanted for GEN COP22 web section

    (07 November 2016) – The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is looking for articles or reports to feed its COP22 web section. GEN is currently working on the GEN web section for COP22. It will include a new section called something like “Climate/Ecovillage Documents and Reports” which will include a variety