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  • 11th Ecovillage Day

    For more than 10 years 200-300 Slovenian ecovillage enthusiasts unite to share ideas and inspiration. This year we’re meeting on the European Day of Sustainable Communities to join our voice with the voices of many similar initiatives from around Europe.

  • Making the Energy Transition a European Success

    (25 August 2017) – A report published by the Jacques Delors Institute sets out four objectives which it says could contribute to the success of the Energy Union, and in turn restore trust between Europe and Europeans. If there is one project today which carries a positive vision for Europe,

  • Fishguard & Goodwick PLASTIC OCEAN DAY

    Our Community day to celebrate our aim for clean, plastic free oceans. Workshops, story telling, competitions, beach clean, stalls, speakers and a showing of the acclaimed documentary ‘The Plastic Ocean’

  • Producing energy in a culture of peace – Tamera, Portugal leads the way

    (7 August 2017) – The community in Tamera Holistic Peace Research centre in Portugal, which is committed to an autonomous, regenerative and decentralised energy supply, has published 12 guidelines for energy production in a culture of peace. The ecovillage already has a 20kW solar plant that supplies 60% of its

  • La fête de la pomme 2017

    Avec plusieurs acteurs et association Salies en Transition organisera le 3e fête de la pomme à Château de Laàs. We organise with our partners a second hand market, a huge pickpique ‘auberge espagnol’ meaning that the food will be shared between the participants, several workshops – Making a fertilizer from

  • Roga e Albaroque Ambiental no Monte Comunal

    A ‘roga’ is a communal work carried out by commoners, and that is ended with a collective meal called ‘albaroque’. Starting in 2017, several environmental ‘rogas e albaroques’ have been organized by the Froxán Commons Woodlands, a Community Conserved Area affected by degradation and land grabbing by mining activities. The

  • Register now: European Day of Sustainable Communities launch event, Brussels

    (17 July 2017) – Registration is now open for the 22 September Launch of the European Day of Sustainable Communities. The launch event is co-hosted by ECOLISE and the European Economic and Social Committee. The conference brings together policy makers and representatives of community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability.

  • ‘Social Design for Sustainability’ course starts 23rd October

    (20th October) – Gaia Education’s Social Design for Sustainability online programme starts 23rd October. On the course you will learn practical and effective ways to create the change we all seek. The programme gives you the chance and skills to learn about the different ways to participate in this (r)evolutionary

  • Scientific paper explores civil society roles in urban sustainability transitions

    (28 June 2017) – A scientific paper that explores the changing roles of civil society in urban sustainability transitions has recently been published by a team of international researchers from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Canada and Sweden. The article, which is published on ScienceDirect, is based on

  • Gaia Todo Um Mundo festival attracts attention in Portugal

    (28 June 2017) –  An international climate change festival in Porto, Portugal recently brought together over 200 participants with speakers, musicians and street artists from all over the world, to join the debate on sustainability and future resilience. The international line-up of speakers included Leng Ouch, the 2016 Goldman Prize