Off-grid eco-tourism centre provides research and education in Umbria, Italy

Il Parco dell’ Energia Rinnovabile (PeR) – the Renewable Energy Park – is an independent, off-grid sustainability and educational research centre dedicated to ethical resource management, perma­culture and self‑sufficiency. It is located in Umbria, Italy.
Work on the centre began in 1999 and it now includes a farmhouse that uses all forms of renewable energy, and designed to experiment with new solutions for agriculture, mobility, energy and recycling.
On arrival at the centre you see modern technology everywhere yet Il Parco dell’ Energia Rinnovabile was born out of the oldest form of technology – farming.

Il Parco dell’ Energia Rinnovabile uses ecotourism to demonstrate how to combine old methods and new technology. The centre provides information on improving quality of life and courses to help people understand the basics of sustainability. There are courses on ethical food and activities for schools. The centre has regular workshops, and provides venue hire and consultation for professional projects.

For further information in English please see here and in Italian here.