SCCAN Autumn Gathering

The Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) invite you to our Autumn Gathering!

Has your Committee run out of steam? Feel too reliant on old hands to do everything?
Stuck with rather wooden consensus decision-making?
Seeking ways to involve new blood in your community organisation?
Want to explore ways that more decisions can be taken by people most affected?

The morning session is open to all exploring how to support community-led organisations promoting grassroots action to strengthen local democracy, build community capacity and tackle pressing local and global environmental challenges. We will look at Dynamic Governance and sociocracy as tools for how to make governance and decision-making more fun, effective, and energising for everyone involved, and then try parts of it out in practice at our AGM.

After lunch we will continue working with these tools and explore how we can use them in the future. This is an opportunity for everyone who would like to be more involved in Scottish community climate action and/or SCCAN to explore how we can work together in the coming year. This may be anything from providing intermittent inspiration and feedback or crosspromoting events to applying for funding or attending monthly strategy meetings.

* We are trying to walk our talk and run this as a low-carbon event, meaning that there will also be a possibility to participate remotely. We will stream the morning session as a Video Conference where participants can stay at home or gather in a local place / someone’s home to share Ariane’s presentation and participate in the SCCAN AGM without having to travel. Email instructions will be sent four days beforehand – simply relies on your computer having Google Chrome uploaded as one of the available browsers to enable you to participate.

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