Research is key to ECOLISE’s work. The Research coordinator, Tom Henfrey, and team are focussed on capturing the diversity and breadth of research about community-led action on sustainability and climate change as part of ECOLISE’s commitment to create a knowledge commons. They compiled the first Status Report of community-led initiatives in Europe, drawing on material gathered on the ECOLISE wikiFor a summary of the report please see here.
ECOLISE Research builds on and connects closely with the work of the Transition Research Network, GEN Research Working Group and Permaculture International Research Network.
ECOLISE specialist member organisations include research institutions such as FCiencias.Id, DRIFT and the Schumacher Institute.
ECOLISE Research also informs ECOLISE’s input to the Horizon2020 projects of which it is a consortium member: UrbanA – Urban Arenas for sustainable and equitable solutions (2019-2021) and COMETS – COllective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation (2019-2022).