‘Social Design for Sustainability’ course starts 23rd October

(20th October) – Gaia Education’s Social Design for Sustainability online programme starts 23rd October. On the course you will learn practical and effective ways to create the change we all seek. The programme gives you the chance and skills to learn about the different ways to participate in this (r)evolutionary shift in paradigms.

The aim of this course is to provide a better understanding of the true meaning of social equity and participatory action, and to enable participants to apply transformative tools that align us with more resilient social systems. Our relationship with others is too dear to let it default on old domineering paradigms.

How do we design solutions for group development, leadership, conflict resolution, decision-making, creativity, social justice, and communication?

The Social Design dimension addresses the following questions:

  • What will be the vision that will help our projects to be coherent and inspiring?
  • How will decisions be made and conflicts resolved?
  • How will we walk that delicate line between being an individual and growing our personal empowerment, while being part of a collective body?
  • Will we be able to celebrate our diversity in a just and inclusive manner, or will we find our differences too challenging?
  • What will we do to reconnect with the creative source in the web of life and bring a sense of beauty to everything we do?
  • Finally, will our group, organisation, or community reach out to the local and bioregional communities, building bridges, learning and teaching, giving and receiving?

This course begins on 23 October 2017. You can find all the necessary details here.

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