Scottish Communities Climate Action Network

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network is a grassroots network of community groups that are taking action on climate change. As a ‘community of communities’ we provide a shared vision and voice for our members and work to address barriers and challenges so as to enable communities to shape their own low-carbon future and promote local resilience and wellbeing.
Many community groups throughout Scotland have embarked on exciting projects to mobilise local action on creating a more sustainable future. There have been many remarkable and inspiring successes… but it hasn’t been plain sailing. Scottish Communities CAN exists to provide mutual inspiration and support and to help overcome the barriers and create the supporting infrastructure and policy environment needed to empower communities and unleash their creative energy.

As a grassroots network we are able to listen to our members to find out what their concerns really are, and to create workplans around their priorities. As a network, we provide:

An independent voice. We are totally independent, run by volunteers elected by the membership.
A community of communities that trust each other and willingly provide mutual support and share their learning
A wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in delivery on the ground, often hard-won, in groundbreaking situations.
A platform of grassroots community action on climate change, independent of any single funding mechanism