Salies (de Béarn ) en Transition

Salies de Béarn started after showing 3 times the Transition1.0 movie at the town hall and collecting the answers of what citizen could do. A community garden was mostly mentioned. The mayor gave a piece of polluted land (the old railway station). So we decided to grow “forgotten” varieties of vegetables, grapes and flowers in containers. Two water systems are in place, collecting water from the roof of the former railway station. We are organizing 2-3 times a year seed exchanges, in Oct. 2016 for the 17e time. The names of the plants are written in French, Latin and the local language ( Biarnais/Occitan). Involved are schools and elderly homes. We have more than 30 members and a reach of about 250 people, who are interested in our Troc de Plantes et de Graines. Depending of the weather more than 100 persons are visiting these events to exchange knowledge, seeds, plants, books , receipts and experiences.