Request for services: Facilitation of policy positioning process & training on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal

ECOLISE is seeking an external service provider to support the design of a consultation and co-creation process, and provide facilitation, training and expert support in policy positioning and advocacy for grassroots initiatives dedicated to climate and environmental action at EU levels:


“Towards a joint policy positioning of ECOLISE and partners:

Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal”



ECOLISE – the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability



Nina Klein, Policy Lead ECOLISE; 

Amelie Krug, Policy Officer ECOLISE:


Deadline for applications: 15 September 2022


Cooperation with ECOLISE internal staff:

  Training: #enable team

  Policy process design and facilitation: #policy team


Timeline: Starting as soon as possible / September 2022 – August 2023




Overall tasks: 

ECOLISE is looking for an external service provider to support its policy position-building process by providing facilitation and training in the fields of consultation and co-creation with a science-based background. 


The aim of the policy positioning process is to position existing community-based action on climate change and sustainability (e.g. transition networks, ecovillages and permaculture movements) toward the European Green Deal (EGD), the EU’s main political answer to the planetary crisis. 


You can find more information on this ongoing process here on ECOLISE’s website: 


The process foresees the creation of a validated baseline in 2022 and the co-creation of a joint policy position on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal in 2023, targeting specific dimensions of the EGD where behaviour and social change is especially relevant, such as energy, food systems, mobility, biodiversity. The ultimate aim of the policy positioning process is to promote transformational regional and local development policies.


Specific tasks: 


  1. Support in process design and delivery of the policy positioning process 

(budget: 9k Euro incl. VAT)


→ co-design of the overall process* and its phases in cooperation with the ECOLISE policy team:  input, consultation process of a beta-version (2022) and a co-creation phase (2023): 

  • help design an attractive concept which triggers interest and collaboration amongst ECOLISE members and core partners
  • accompany the policy positioning process
  • facilitate the collaborative process in online workshops in close cooperation with the ECOLISE policy team
  • Timing: September 2022 – August 2023
  • Scope:  3-4 online workshops and events  of 1.5 – 3 hours (tbd)

→ give science-based input on the structure and content of the policy positioning paper 



  1. Delivery of one online training: (budget: 3K Euro incl. VAT)

  Capacity building in the field of policy positioning for community-led initiatives (CIs) in general, with a specific focus on the European Green Deal/EU levels and on community-led initiatives

–     focus on: principles of consultation/validation and co-creation (application of the designed process* mentioned above), adapted to the target groups (see below)

  Timing: spring 2023 (aligning with the ECOLISE GA) (tbd)

–     Duration: 3-4 hours (tbd)

–     IT support & communication with participants: ECOLISE


Expected outcome:

  Increased awareness on policy positioning in general, and on the EU Green Deal in particular

  Improved capacity on policy positioning and the EU Green Deal

  Create a practical and replicable process for policy design (consultation/validation and co-creation) for community-led initiatives in line with the values of ECOLISE (inclusion, diversity, social justice, systemic approach) and the principles of permaculture design & transition network/ecovillage movement

  Heightened legitimacy of the process and the outcome through science/ evidence-based consultation/validation and co-creation processes

  Heightened cohesion and collaboration in the field of policy amongst ECOLISE stakeholders


Target groups:

  ECOLISE team (around 10 members)

  ECOLISE Council and members (around 50 organisations and networks)

  ECOLISE core partners within the existing Community of Practice on Community-led local development (around 5 – 10 core partners)


Budget: max. 6k Euro (2022) and max. 6k (2023) incl. VAT

Funding: EU funded project CLIMACT/ DEAR


Duration of application: 5 July – 15 September 2022


Application content:

  Motivation letter including references detailing the successful delivery of similar projects

–     A breakdown of services and expected costs within the allocated budget


We are working on a new website for ECOLISE.

Meanwhile you can follow our work on the Communities for Future website.

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