Procurement of an external service provider for ECOLISE

What: Support in process design and delivery and training in the field of policy positioning and advocacy for grassroots initiatives at EU levels:

  • Validation and co-creation of a joint policy position:
  • Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal


ECOLISE – the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability

Contact (for information and proposal submission):

  • Nina Klein, Policy Lead ECOLISE; 
  • Amelie Krug, Policy Officer ECOLISE:


Deadline for applications: 15 August 2022


Cooperation with ECOLISE internal staff:

  Trainings: Enable Domain.

  Policy process design and implementation: Nina Klein, Policy Lead ECOLISE


Timeline: asap/ August 2022 – June 2023



To consult on the policy position building process of ECOLISE team, members and partners towards creating a validated baseline (2022) and co-creation (2023) of a joint policy position on Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal.

  1. Process design and delivery*:

→ co-design of the overall process and its phases:  input, consultation process of a beta-version (2022) and co-creation phase (2023) = attractive concept which triggers interest and collaboration amongst ECOLISE members and core partners

→ accompany the process of designing a joint policy position, facilitate the collaborative process:

  2 working meetings online (between 1 September – 8 November, tbd)

  2 online events of 2 hours (Communities for Future/ CfF event 28 September, 15 – 17 hrs CET)

  1 online event (3 hours) in the week of 21 – 24 November (tbd)

  leading towards an event around the ECOLISE GA in 2023 (online or in person, tbd)

→ give science-based input on the structure and content of the paper

→ support in structuring and editing the final output


  1. 2 Trainings:

  Capacity building in the field of policy positioning for CLIs in general

  With a specific focus on the European Green Deal/ EU levels and on community-led initiatives

  Including the principles of consultation/ validation and co-creation (application of the designed process* mentioned above)

  Timing: first training: end of November (week of 21- 24 November, tbd), second training: spring 2023 (collocated with the ECOLISE GA)


Expected outcome:

  Raising of awareness on policy positioning in general, on the EU Green Deal in specific

  Capacity building on policy positioning and the EU Green Deal

  Create a practical and replicable process for policy design (consultation/ validation and co-creation) for community-led initiatives in line with the values of ECOLISE (inclusion/ diversity, social justice, systemic approach) and the principles of permaculture design & transition network

  Heightened legitimacy of the process and the outcome through science/ evidence-based consultation/ validation and co-creation processes

  Heightened cohesion and collaboration in the field of policy amongst ECOLISE stakeholders


Target groups:

  ECOLISE team (around 10 members)

  ECOLISE Council and members (around 50 organisations and networks)

  ECOLISE core partners within the existing Community of Practice on Community-led local development (around 5 – 10 core partners)


Budget: max. 6k Euro (2022) and max. 6k (2023) incl. VAT

Duration of application: 5 July – 15 August 2022

To apply:

Please send a motivation letter including references to the successful delivery of similar projects, plus a detailed description of services delivered and expected costs to and  by 15 August 2022.

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