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  • City makers from across Europe gather at first UrbanA Arena, in Rotterdam

    Some 60 people from all corners of Europe and beyond gathered in Rotterdam recently for the first UrbanA Arena. It was a lively, energetic event, reflective of the passion, knowledge and creativity of those present, both in person and online. The core focus was ‘What makes cities just and sustainable?’

  • Citizen-led initiatives from three continents win 2019 Transformative Cities People’s Choice award

    Citizen-led initiatives from four cities in Africa, Europe and Latin America were this month declared winners of the 2019 Transformative Cities People’s Choice Award.  Their work on water, energy, housing and food systems was applauded at a public award ceremony in Amsterdam. The four initiatives were chosen from a selection

  • ECOLISE brings voice of community-led climate action to COP25

    ECOLISE members from Spain and Portugal, in addition to Network and Outreach Coordinator, Juan Del Río, brought the voice of community-led initiatives on climate change to the COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid. They participated actively at the Cumbre social por el Climate (the Counter COP), which ran alongside the official

  • Social Solidarity Economy and the Commons conference hopeful yet critical

    A hopeful yet notably system-critical atmosphere similar to that of Degrowth movement gatherings was tangible at the second international conference ‘Social Solidarity Economy and the Commons’, held 6th to 8th of November 2019 at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. Donatella della Porta of Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy,

  • ECOLISE participates in 2019 European Rural Parliament, Asturias, Spain

    ECOLISE co-presidents, Davie Philip of Cultivate, Ireland, and Francesca Whitlock of GEN Europe, recently represented the network at the European Rural Parliament, in Asturias, Spain. Francesca gave one of the main stage inspirational speaker addresses, entitled ‘Rural renaissance: the transformative potential of #communityled responses to #ClimateEmergency‘. She told the story of

  • New transformative adult education project kicks off

    A project dedicated to blended adult learning for the socio-ecological transition kicks off in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Ireland, this month. Blended learning combines the best aspects of digital learning opportunities and place-based experiential learning. This project will help adult educators to improve their ability to deliver blended transformative learning for civic

  • Meeting in European Parliament focusses on community-led initiatives for climate action

    Over 40 people from ECOLISE member organisations and partners marked the European Day of Sustainable Communities at a breakfast meeting in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Seán Kelly. Mr Kelly endorsed the European Day of Sustainable Communities and encouraged other policy makers to do likewise. “Community-led initiatives have real

  • Facilitators of community-led change gather in Brussels

    Facilitators of community-led change from around Europe recently gathered in Brussels to share skills and build collaboration in their efforts to help meet global climate and sustainability goals. A two-day skillshare organised by ECOLISE as part of its Sustainable Communities Programme was designed to stimulate sharing across initiatives, movements, regions

  • ECOLISE is recruiting! Communications & Network Assistant sought

    ECOLISE is now at an exciting stage in its development and is currently establishing the new post of Communications and Network Assistant. The new post-holder will support the existing team in showcasing the inspirational work of communities across Europe that are leading the way to a sustainable, low carbon future.

  • Hundreds of communities in 27 countries celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities

    As millions gather globally to climate strike and government leaders meet at the UN in New York, hundreds of transformational communities who are taking practical, grassroots action towards a zero-carbon, regenerative and inclusive Europe, are celebrating the European Day of Sustainable Communities on 21 September. Citizens in 27 countries have