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  • Journée de la transition en Val de Drôme

    Une Journée de mobilisation nationale pour permettre à un maximum de citoyens d’identifier les acteurs de la transition et les alternatives qu’ils offrent sur votre territoire et dans une multitude de domaines (approvisionnement en produits sains et locaux, énergies renouvelables, modes de financements éthiques et solidaires…). C’est également une formidable

  • Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development

    (28 March 2017) – Gaia Education is partnering with UNITAR and the University of Strathclyde to launch the second edition of the Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development e-learning programme. Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive.

  • Municipalities in Transition: Core Team Recruitment

    (24 March 2017) – The Municipalities in Transition project is recruiting three part-time positions. At the end of 2016, Transition Network and the Transition Hubs group managed to secure funding for a 2-year pilot project that aims to promote the collaboration between citizen-led initiatives and the local public administration. They

  • ECOLISE annual gathering marks beginning of a new phase

    (24 March 2017) – Over 30 people from throughout Europe gathered on 6-8 March – in person and online – at ECOLISE’s third annual general assembly, in the Basque country. The two-day meeting, which was hosted by the Amalurra community, took stock of 2016, celebrated ECOLISE’s achievements, planned for 2017

  • Transformative Action Award launched

    (14 March 2017) – The European Sustainable Cities Platform announces the launch of the first edition of the Transformative Action Award. Cities, regions and civil society organisations are invited to submit their applications. The Transformative Action Award rewards ongoing or concluded innovative local and regional initiatives that achieve a socio-cultural,

  • Share of renewables in energy consumption still on the rise

    (14 March 2017) – In 2015, the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption of energy reached 16.7% in the European Union nearly double 2004 (8.5%), the first year for which the data are available. Since 2004, the share of renewable sources in gross final consumption of

  • Demain

    Information day on community-led action on climate change and sustainability

  • Open loops to economic development models and social innovation

    (10 March 2017) – Katalin Kolosy (AEIDL) attended the seminar, ‘New economy models and social innovation: an opportunity for a better Europe’, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and the Global Hub for the Common Good on 16 February in Brussels. The event brought together a panel of

  • A toolbox of ideas towards a zero carbon society

    (04 March 2017) – The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has produced a new report. ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen’ offers a ‘toolbox’ of ideas that can help inspire, inform and enable us to make change happen. The CAT’s latest research report, ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen’, explores

  • The Essential Guide to Doing Transition

    (03 March 2017) – Transition Network has published a beginner’s guide to transition. ‘The Essential Guide to Doing Transition’ is already available in English, Spanish and French. Transition Network has 10 years’ experience of supporting groups bringing transition to life in over 50 countries, in towns, cities, villages, institutions. They