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  • EU climate diplomacy statement recognises the role of local communities

    (5 March 2018) – In a policy statement on climate diplomacy the Council of the EU has for the first time acknowledged the role of local communities in dealing with climate change. The Council’s conclusions  issued on 26 February state that the EU “stresses the role to be played by

  • Le nouvel appel à projet de mobilisation collective pour le développement rural en France est publié

    (23 January 2018) – Le second appel à projet (AAP) de mobilisation collective pour le développement rural a été officiellement publié. Initié par le Réseau rural national, cet appel à projet vise à soutenir des projets collectifs, nationaux ou interrégionaux en faveur de la ruralité et qui entrent dans les objectifs

  • Have your say on the EU’s long-term budget!

    (23 January 2018) – The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the EU’s long–term budget after 2020, inviting citizens to give their opinion on past and future programmes, many of which deal with environment, climate and energy. During 2018, the Commission will make comprehensive proposals for the next

  • Ten essentials for action-oriented research

    (22 January 2018) – Researchers have come up with a list of ten essentials for action-oriented research that will accelerate learning about how to achieve transformations to sustainability. The first three essentials are a focus on transformations to low-carbon, resilient living; on solution processes and on ‘how to’ practical knowledge.

  • Citizen science research project begins in Luxembourg’s community gardens

    (19 December 2018) – A collaborative citizen research project involving community gardeners, allotment holders and natural and social scientists from the Natural History Museum and CELL, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, has begun in Luxembourg. “We would like to produce the kind of knowledge that interests both gardeners and

  • EU’s smart villages should also be sustainable, says ECOLISE

    (19 December 2017) – EU efforts to support digital and social innovation in rural communities must ensure that such communities become both smart and sustainable, according to Eamon O’Hara, executive director of ECOLISE. Eamon was speaking at a meeting of policy makers in Brussels focused on social innovation initiatives and

  • ECOLISE 2018 General Assembly registration opens, Luxembourg, 26-28 March

    (18 December 2017) – Registration for the 2018 Ecolise General Assembly which is being hosted this year by ECOLISE founder member, the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL), is now open and closes on 31st January. Please register here. Ana Huertas, ECOLISE vice-president and GA organiser would like to invite

  • ECOLISE is recruiting for the position of Policy Coordinator!

    (23 Nov 2017) – ECOLISE is now at an exciting stage in its development and is currently recruiting for the post of Policy Coordinator. The Policy Coordinator will join an existing team, comprising an ECOLISE Executive Director, Communications Coordinator, Knowledge and Learning Coordinator, and two Research Advisers. Together, this team

  • Reflection on COP23: Recognition for the role of local communities gains momentum

    By Eamon O’Hara, Executive Director, ECOLISE. (23 Nov 2017) – COP23 has drawn to a close and while there are clearly concerns in relation to the overall pace of progress, there are also reasons for optimism, especially in relation to the role of Non State Actors, including local communities. As

  • EU’s Community Led Local Development needs reform, says ECOLISE

    (8 Nov 2017) – The European Union’s main way of financially supporting bottom-up local development needs to be altered so to make it more accessible to grassroots initiatives, ECOLISE has told the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee. Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is the EU’s main