In addition to the main international movements represented in ECOLISE (Ecovillages, Permaculture and Transition), there are also many other community-led initiatives with a focus on climate action and sustainability, often organised at national or regional level.

A good example is the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) grassroots network of around 120 community groups taking action on climate change in Scotland. These community groups have embarked on some exciting projects to mobilise local action on creating a more sustainable future, and there have been many remarkable and inspiring successes. SCCAN exists to provide mutual inspiration and support and to help overcome barriers and create the supporting infrastructure and policy environment needed to empower communities and unleash their creative energy. SCCAN is an ECOLISE member.

Another good example comes from Brussels where since 2008, about 30 communities have joined the ‘Sustainable Neighbourhoods’ initiative, which aims to support local, citizen-led initiatives on sustainable living. In 2017, this pilot scheme, which was supported by the Environment Department of the Brussels Region, is to be extended, giving many more neighbourhoods the opportunity to participate. ECOLISE member organisation, 21 Solutions, manages this initiative.