Making the Energy Transition a European Success

(25 August 2017) – A report published by the Jacques Delors Institute sets out four objectives which it says could contribute to the success of the Energy Union, and in turn restore trust between Europe and Europeans.

If there is one project today which carries a positive vision for Europe, it is definitely the energy transition, according to the Institute. ‘Energy is the foundation of our nations’ power and is a key element in our daily lives.’

The report sets out four objectives:

– Firstly, democracy must be at the heart of the Energy Union’s governance.

– Secondly, Europe must implement a genuine innovation-driven industrial policy to make our companies the world leaders in clean energy.

– Thirdly, public and private investment arbitrations must fully integrate the energy transition’s objectives.

– Fourthly, the Energy Union must serve a just and fair energy transition via a ‘Social Pact for the Energy Transition’ which strives to create jobs for young people and stamp out energy poverty.

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