How can we make regional and local development policies which support transformational change – driven by communities – a reality on the ground? Join us to make the voice of communities heard on EU policy levels!

We at ECOLISE think it is time to bring the voice of community-led initiatives into EU policy more strongly. Together with partners, we aim to make a call for truly transformational regional and local development policies, which enable a wide-spread community-led response to the ecological crisis.

ECOLISE has done a lot of advocacy work in the past years – from the 2019 Status Report to the  presented in 2021. We want to use this strong basis in order to position ECOLISE towards the European Green Deal – the EU’s main policy to transition towards an economy that remains within the planetary boundaries. We aim for a joint policy positioning with partners, to make our voices even stronger. 

Our aim is to trigger conversations about the role of communities and policies/politics when it comes to transformational systemic change. The conversations will help to provide a better understanding of the potential and needs of community-led initiatives as change agents, showcasing pathways towards a regenerative society.

Through these conversations, we will try to answer key questions such as:

  • What is the potential impact of community-led initiatives with regards to mitigation and adaptation to the planetary crisis?
  • How can we ensure that the policies and funds within the upcoming EU funding period (2023-2027) provide the means to enable communities to tackle the crisis in a timely and socially just manner?
  • How can EU policies, such as the European Green Deal and the LEADER/Community-led Local Development initiative, be harnessed to enable transformational local and regional development? What limitations and barriers exist within these frameworks?

We’ve posted an article about why we think engaging with those EU policies is the right thing to do – have a look here

Interested to learn more? We invite you to watch the recording of the Members’ Hour on Policy on 27 June and have a look at the slides

Policy Consultation Process

As part of the described series of conversations, we invite you to become part of the policy positioning process towards transformational regional and local development policies which put communities at their heart: How do we find a united voice within the ECOLISE network? And with core partners such as ELARD (the LEADER association which represents 3,000+ Local Action Groups) or the European Rural Parliament? This is what we want to experiment with this year. 

And here is the plan: Right now, we are creating a baseline from existing policy position papers and projects and gathering inputs from members and partners.

Then we’d like to discuss this baseline in a peer-review process with ECOLISE members during September and October. To do so, we will start a consultation process with a session on Wednesday, 28 September 3 -5 pm CET (online) lasting until 1 November, with weekly calls in small groups organised by ECOLISE. The outcomes of this process will be communicated to EU policy stakeholders in an online event during the week of 28  November – 1 December, and will be the starting point of a wider advocacy campaign in 2023. 

Please save the date for the kick-off event of the consultation process on 28 September (3 -5 pm CET), register and get in touch with ECOLISE’s policy domain if you’re interested in contributing!

Nina Klein, Policy Lead ECOLISE:

Amelie Krug, Policy Officer ECOLISE:

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