Family picnic day

1)GREEN BASKETS- On mondays, 18-19h, Community supported agriculture

2)FARMERS MARKET- on wednesday-17-19h
on saturday-10-12h
You can come and ask about the goods we sell, about the production, you can even try the goods,you can look for tips about farming…etc. and all because you buy it directly from the producer.

OPG Mažar – swiss chard, tomato (whole or squashed), potato, spring mix salads, smoothie mix, eggs, jam
OPG Golubović – raspberries, zucchini, tomato, eggs, paprika, “Ajvar”
OPG Kruljac – cow’s milk, goat milk, jogurt, cheese, eggs
BZ Arka naša – peaches, pears, carrots, jam, syrup, sour vegetables, spices
OPG Šešek – tea, spices, bedding plants, syrup, nettle preparation for nourishing and protecting plants, autochthonous cultivars seeds

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