Enhancing Regional Renewables Cooperation in the EU

(27 February 2017) – The Heinrich Böll Foundation and the World Future Council have published an interesting report on energy transition, based on a study tour from Copenhagen to Brussels, via Germany and the Netherlands.

The goal was to study cross-border, transnational and interregional projects contributing to Europe’s energy transition.

Certain cross-border projects demonstrate high added value:

• The FURGY Clean Innovation cross-border cluster helps businesses in the clean energy sector on the Germany-Denmark border in developing innovation, by promoting exchanges of experience, technology transfer, development of partnerships.

• The SEREH project is working towards setting up a cross-border smart grid between the German town of Haren (which produces four times its own energy consumption thanks to renewables) and the Dutch industrial centre of Emmen, in order to create a local energy loop.

The report as well as a short film present the conclusions of this tour and the political recommendations for facilitating regional cooperation, a driving force in European energy and climate ambitions.

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