Empower community action on climate change, communities tell Scottish government

(20th October 2017) – The results of six community consultations by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN, an ECOLISE member) at the invite of the Scottish Government have been published in a report entitled ‘We Need More Ambition!’.
The responses from 124 people who participated in the workshops held across Scotland this autumn will feed into the Government’s proposals for new Climate Change legislation to supercede the Act which was unanimously passed with all-party support in 2009.
Among the report’s conclusions and recommendations is the finding that ‘physical and policy infrastructure and support is essential to empower community action’.

Other points made are:

·       Strong political leadership is needed with bold and ambitious emission reduction targets, demonstrating resolve to ‘walk the talk’ and put measures in place for targets to be met

·       Development of a positive vision for post-carbon Scotland is an opportunity to reflect on our priorities and values as a society

·       Coordinated, cross-departmental Government action is essential

·       There is a great demand for more community engagement and participation in all stages of the planning and practicalities of emission reductions

·       Greater awareness of climate change is needed and discussion of the opportunities and challenges of decarbonisation should be normalised

·       Local democratic renewal is an opportunity to embrace zero-carbon local place plans

·       Vulnerable sectors and communities must be supported to ensure a Just Transition for all

·      The Bill provides an opportunity for relocalised economies and livelihoods with a transition to regenerative agriculture, housing refurbishment and support for sustainable active travel.


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