• Roga e Albaroque Ambiental no Monte Comunal

    A ‘roga’ is a communal work carried out by commoners, and that is ended with a collective meal called ‘albaroque’. Starting in 2017, several environmental ‘rogas e albaroques’ have been organized by the Froxán Commons Woodlands, a Community Conserved Area affected by degradation and land grabbing by mining activities. The

  • Tilburg in Actie – A day of transformation

    Tilburg in Actie is one day of visible, impactful and easily accessible actions to tackle local challenges and needs connected to ecological and social well-being. The Project is an action-oriented tool to build partnerships between local organisations, groups and individuals by offering an opportunity to cooperate towards concrete collective impact.

  • Danube, Balkan and Mediterranean rural paths

    Together with our members and partner organizations, several locations are hosting lectures on sustainable development of rural areas. One of the indications is the development of ecological agriculture and eco tourism in protected natural areas, especially in National Parks, Nature Parks and Protected Areas. We also promote green economy, green

  • Transition Edinburgh gathering with SCCAN

    Transition Edinburgh gathering to celebrate past year’s activities and launch programme of activities for 2017-18

  • bowusst – bicycle tour for sustainable consumption

    Where to buy vegan ice cream and fairtrade clothing in Bochum? bowusst organises a bike ride through the city with stops at important locations for sustainable consumption – become a sustainable consumer!

  • Elemental Activism: Shamanic Empowerment for Environmental and Social Action

    A weekend residential workshop exploring the use of shamanic tools to support practical action towards environmental and social change, in the spirit of approaches such as Inner Transition, ‘Zone 00’ permaculture, and Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth. Through shamanic journeying, nature connection, sacred sound and firewalking, participants will experience

  • Öppet Hus – Europeiska dagen för hållbara samhällen

    We will be opening the doors of our ecovillage community for visitors to see the ecovillage, our innovation and cooperation projects, to contribute with some practical work such as harvesting and enjoying eco-fika and a cultural programme in the sun. One special event during the day will be the 4

  • Education for Sustainable Communities

    “Education for Sustainable Communities” is a co-creative gathering taking place from 20 to 23 September 2017 in the scenic Dalmatian town of Šibenik. Representatives of transformative learning projects, initiatives and institutions engaged in community, adult or higher education are invited to share their visions and experiences and to build joint

  • The Sustainable Community Fair

    The Sustainable Community Fair As part of a new European Day of Sustainable Communities and the national Convergence festival the Sustainable Community Fair will take place in Cloughjordan Ecovillage. This fair will highlight the sustainability features of this award winning ‘ecosystem of innovation’ and feature talks, discussions, stalls, a farm

  • Journée de la transition en Val de Drôme

    Une Journée de mobilisation nationale pour permettre à un maximum de citoyens d’identifier les acteurs de la transition et les alternatives qu’ils offrent sur votre territoire et dans une multitude de domaines (approvisionnement en produits sains et locaux, énergies renouvelables, modes de financements éthiques et solidaires…). C’est également une formidable