• Denmark Farm 30th Anniversary Tea Party

    On Sunday 24th September 2017, between 1pm and 4pm we will be holding a 30th Anniversary Celebration. This event is not our traditional Open Day but a wonderful opportunity to bring together some of the key players in the development of The Shared Earth Trust at Denmark Farm to share

  • O que será uma aprendizagem sustentável?

    Conversa fishbowl: ISEG-ULisboa, 22 Setembro, 18h-20h Co-organizadores: Helena Marujo (ISCSP-ULisboa), Álvaro Fonseca Contacto ISEG: Manuel Laranja Texto de contextualização: Na sequência da segunda conversa que teve lugar no ICS-ULisboa a 18 Julho, propomos nova conversa, usando o formato fishbowl, com um enfoque no tema da sustentabilidade da educação e da

  • Seminar on Climate Action – Municipalities in Adaptation

    The session where ECOLISE will be present will engage in a panel conversation about Youth and Climate Change.

  • Upaya Ambiente – Film Meeting – ‘Who Cares?’ – Mara Mourão

    Film Meeting – Who cares? WHO CARES? is a film shot in seven countries which carries a very empowering message for individuals: anyone can be a change maker, regardless of leadership or marketable skills. It starts with having a vision for society while seeking accomplishment in one’s life through contributions

  • European ‘Week’ of Sustainable Communities

    During one day (September 20th) the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (FCUL), will organize sessions to share what is happening at the local level. Presentation of Rede Convergir (www.redeconvergir.net) and CATALISE research project and documentary, followed by open discussion, will occur on Wednesday morning. We will host several short

  • Presentation of sustainability workshops

    Aperitif to present: texts for sustainability, nonviolent relations and communication and the sustainability courses scheduled in the coming months (thermo-composting, introduction to permaculture, vegetables without water, ..)

  • I Dia Europeo de las Comunidades Sostenibles en Amalurra

    Amalurra quiere sumarse a la celebración del I Dia Europeo de las Comunidades Sostenibles celebrando una jornada de puertas abiertas especial. El 23 de Septiembre queremos que sea un día en el que podamos unirnos para tomar conciencia de lo importante que es la sostenibilidad y reflexionar sobre qué iniciativas

  • Celebrar la Vida, Soñar Futuros – ‘Dreaming Futures, Celebrating Life’

    We celebrate together, Arterra Bizimodu, the Lakabe Community, and other sustainable projects in our land; with local institutions. Lakabe is one of the oldest community projects in Europe.

  • Zegg – Forum, uno strumento di comunicazione sociale che crea comunitá

    Il FORUM é una particolare forma di cerchio, che usa il centro del cerchio come campo energetico e grazie all’assenza di giudizio nel ascolto e una totale libertá nel espressione il Forum crea uno spazio per sperimentare una comunicazione sociale in un ambiente intimo di fiducia. La fiducia nasce quando

  • Soirée citoyenne de lancement de jardin communautaire à Dippach, Luxembourg

    La nouvelle association du mouvement de la Transition au Luxembourg, Transition Dippech asbl, lance comme premier projet la création d’un jardin partagé afin de développer avec les citoyens et les agriculteurs de la région des projets agroécologiques et pédagogiques. Pour ce faire, Transition Dippech asbl veut solliciter les citoyens, les