ECOLISE’s system change facilitators initiative receives FundAction grant

(11 February 2019) :- An ECOLISE initiative to build a community of practice (CoP) of system change facilitators has been chosen by the online assembly of FundAction to receive one of its Rethink grants.

Thanks to the grant facilitators from different countries will be enabled to support each other in activating and synergising the potential of change-makers across movements and sectors in their respective places. Through a series of meetings in 2019, a pilot group will begin sharing experiences, tools and practices; co-creating a joint enabling framework, and making key insights and information resources available through an open access knowledge commons. The pilot group will also work on a resource and governance model for the CoP. After this initial prototyping, the CoP will continue its work and open up to further participants, supported by the ECOLISE team, members and partners.

FundAction is a new participatory fund making grants for social transformation, organized around a community of activists based in Europe to support social movements working towards a transition to a just and equitable world.

For further information please contact markus.molz[at]

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