ECOLISE welcomes five new members from Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain

(17 April 2018) – The ECOLISE network has grown to 43 member organisations and networks following the welcoming of five new organisations at the recent annual General Assembly in Luxembourg.

The five are:

  • Carraig Dulra, which focuses on permaculture training and education in Ireland;
  • Caixa de Mitos, which supports social innovation and local development in Portugal;
  • Terra Livre, a Romanian-based association which supports community engagement in the conservation, regeneration and management of natural landscapes;
  • Resilience Earth, a non-profit cooperative, based in Catalonia (Spain) working in the fields of community resilience and ecological regeneration (research, evaluation, design, training);
  • Permaculture Institute of Romania, a network of people and demonstration, practice and research sites.

Pic: Suzie Cahn of Carraig Dulra

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