ECOLISE launches the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020

ECOLISE today launched the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020, with a special call to citizens and communities who have led local responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to join the day.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief the essential role of communities in times of crisis – ensuring the provision of food supplies and other essential services, caring for the most vulnerable, and sustaining social cohesion in the face of a global emergency,” said Eamon O’Hara, Executive Director of ECOLISE, the organisation which is the main organiser of the day.

Community resilience is an essential component in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, not only in terms of addressing communities’ immediate needs, but also in relation to the longer term challenge of rebuilding our society and economy in a way that responds to the deepening climate and ecological emergency.

“The fourth edition of the European Day of Sustainable Communities takes place on the 19th September and provides an opportunity to recognise the thousands of community initiatives across Europe that are reimagining the future, helping to create safer, healthier and more sustainable and just living environments,” said Eamon.

“This year we would really encourage events that showcase potential longterm responses to the Covid 19 crisis, which also help to nurture sustainability and reduce climate impacts. The pandemic highlights the importance of decentralised decision making and distributed local provision of goods and services. In many areas this capacity has been lost or severely eroded and needs rebuilding.”

“As we have documented in our ‘Status Report on Community-Led action on Climate Change and Sustainability’, research shows that community-led initiatives are highly effective in reducing ecological footprints, building social capital and reviving local economies.”

Since the first European Day of Sustainable Communities in 2017, with events in 15 countries, participation has increased significantly and in 2019 it included hundreds of events in 27 countries. This year communities and organisations are invited to organise small in-person or online events between the 12th and 26th September.

Participants are invited to register their event on the EDSC website, which is now accessible in eight languages: Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish.

To mark the EDSC2020 ECOLISE will launch its new Europe-wide action programme, Communities for Future (CfF). CfF aims to inspire and empower local communities across Europe to respond to the climate and ecological emergency.

Details of the national contact points are here.

Facebook page: European Day of Sustainable Communities 

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Facebook group: Communities for Future Group

Instagram account: Day of Sustainable Communities

Twitter: European Day of Sustainable Communities

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