ECOLISE launches open online knowledge and learning meeting series

(21 May 2018; updated 5 July, 12 September, 11 Nov) – The ECOLISE Knowledge & Learning Working Group is launching an open monthly online meeting series in June. The aim of the series is to seed further collaborative developments that help advance the implementation of ECOLISE’s strategy.

Each meeting will focus on a specific topic and will bring together people, initiatives and projects that are already working on some aspect of the chosen topic.

Among various suggestions from interested parties, topics have been prioritised according to their potential to synergise currently separate efforts.

The first meeting, on 21 June, will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will allow participants to explore together how to better connect research, education, advocacy and outreach activities related to the SDGs that are distributed in our network.

The new ECOLISE wiki page on community-led initiatives and the SDGs will serve as a resource for the meeting.

Please find below the dates and topics as currently envisaged. Each upcoming meeting will be specifically announced again in the ECOLISE newsletter. Later dates are subject to changes as opportunities and needs arise. As the process of finding and prioritising new topics will be reiterated, we are always happy if people suggest topics they believe are of wider interest and relevance.

• 21 June 2018 2.30-4.00 pm CEST

Sustainable Development Goals 
exploring together how to better connect research, education, advocacy and outreach activities related to the SDGs that are distributed in our network

• 19 July 2018 2.30-4.00 pm CEST

Introductory online course exploring together how to introduce newcomers to the ECOLISE universe of activism, learning and research by means of a MOOC or other online course

• 16 August 2.30-4.00 pm CEST

Educational Portal 
exploring together how to best pool existing and co-create new educational offerings across initiatives and countries

• 24 September 2.30-4.30 pm CEST Please note this has been rescheduled from 20 September

Status Report
 exploring together how to use and co-produce content reflecting evidence about community-led initiatives

This month’s call looks forward to the release of the draft version of our first Status Report and our plans to grow an active co-creation community, both over the next few months and in the longer term. Leading up to release of the full report in January 2019, we’ll be inviting all ECOLISE members, collaborators and supporters to enrich the content with contributions based on your specialist knowledge and skills in whatever areas you are already working. Longer term, we’re seeking to grow a wide community of active collaborators wishing to help shape the future of this key project. Hosted by Gil Penha-Lopes and Tom Henfrey, lead authors of the report, the call will report on progress so far and upcoming plans, highlight ways to get involved and discuss how to co-create an ongoing process that will activate, communicate and strengthen our collective knowledge to the best possible effect.
To register for the call, mail Markus Molz on
If you can’t make the call but are interested in contributing to the Status Report, mail Tom Henfrey on


• 18 October 2.30-4.00 pm CEST

Sustainable Communities Programme
 exploring together how to prototype aspects of ECOLISE’s strategic initiative

• 15 November 12-13.30 pm CET

Mapping and Matching exploring together how to best collect, display and share data concerning locations, activities, and expertise of the many people and initiatives in our network

• 13 December 2.30-4.00 pm CET

Systemic Intervention exploring together what it takes to build joint systemic intervention capacity based on system change approaches

For more information, questions and registration, please contact ECOLISE’s Knowledge & Learning Coordinator at .

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