ECOLISE joins Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe & SDG Watch Europe

(19 October 2017) – ECOLISE recently joined two important climate and sustainability networks based in Europe and internationally – Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Sustainable Development Goal Watch Europe.

CAN Europe members’ assembly approved ECOLISE membership on 13th October 2017. It is Europe’s largest NGO coalition working on climate and energy issues, with over 130 member organisations in more than 30 European countries. CAN Europe works to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe. Worldwide it has a network of more than 700 NGOs.

SDG Watch Europe is the EU-level, cross-sectoral alliance of NGOs from development, environment, social, human rights and other sectors whose goal is to hold governments to account for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). There are currently about 80 members: predominantly EU level associations, but also national SDG alliances and networks.

ECOLISE believes it is better to work together with organisations with which we share a common goal. Especially in terms of our advocacy work, we recognise the need to join forces in order to achieve greater recognition and support for citizen and community-led action on climate change and sustainability.

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