ECOLISE delivers workshop on participatory action research for energy Collective Action Initiatives

ECOLISE’s André Vizinho recently facilitated a successful day-long training workshop for the other partners in COMETS, a participatory action research project, to use a method called Consortium Benchmarking to learn about Collective Action Initiatives for the energy transition.

“The method is used to join a group of peer initiatives that want to improve, to identify joint questions, to look around at other similar initiatives that are their reference and inspiration, and to get closer. Get closer to observe, collect data, compare practices and learn. Learn to improve,  prototype and transform,” explains André.

“Our aim is to ensure that the relevant questions are asked and our peers involved in concrete work in the community are actually learning  directly in the six countries where this method will be used. Spain, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Poland and the Netherlands is where this action  is taking place in the coming months.”

“If this method proves to work well, maybe in the future you can use it with your own peers, in your region, to make our actions more effective.”

Participants rated the workshop highly, scoring their satisfaction levels out of ten by way of a simple show of fingers.

You can follow the work on or interact directly with these initiatives on

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