ECOLISE and Local Futures are partnering up to celebrate the World Localization day

Join us to celebrate ecological economies, communities, and local food!

ECOLISE and Local Futures are partnering up to celebrate World Localization day. We will host a Communities For Future session on the topic on the 22nd of June, 3-16.30CEST: The power of localization: exploring transformative community-led initiatives 

Local Futures invites everyone to submit a story about localization, which can come in the shape of:

  • short text. Ideally 500 words or less, max 1000 words. And a photo to go would be great.
  • short video/video message (ca. 5 min or less ideally)
  • drawing
  • poem
If you are interested in submitting yours, feel free to submit it to our Communities for Future platform and be selected!
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