Community Climate Coaches

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting Europe wide partnership which aims to develop a system to train, support and enable Community Climate Coaches (CCC) across Europe.

During the project 80 people will be engaged in personal CCC training. A further 400 will attend CCC events in person and on-line. Dissemination activities across the partnership’s extensive networks will benefit many thousands of people by giving them access to and use of the CCC project outputs online.

The CCC project partners are a mix of larger networks of community-led initiatives and smaller adult education providers. They have complementary expertise in community resilience, social innovation, collaborative working, climate action and online learning. They are:

The project will enable a growing network of Community Climate Coaches to deliver accessible and affordable learning and action. It will deliver the new role of Community Climate Coach, people who can maximise community engagement to deliver significant carbon reductions.

We know there is a pressing need for a massive transformative change to a sustainable low carbon future, and that community-based climate action is a key way to bring this change about. Community climate coaches will be trained in creating this change in communities across Europe.

For further information please contact Davie Philip,