ECOLISE communications aims

ECOLISE communications supports the work of the network by:

  • raising the profile of existing community-led action on climate change and sustainability in Europe.
  • facilitating the sharing of information and experience within the network; with those on the edge of the network; and with supportive organisations, activists, educators and researchers.
  • providing inspiration and guidance for communities.
  • highlighting the potential of community-led action on climate change and sustainability among policy makers in order to influence policy.

How we work

ECOLISE Communications works in synergy with the network’s other pillars: policy and advocacy, knowledge and learning, research, and resource mobilisation and outreach.

We share research-based knowledge and information about community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability. This is being gathered as part of the Knowledge Commons, of which a key element is the

We amplify the communications work of our member organisations and partners and ensure that ECOLISE’s events and publications are widely disseminated.

Who does our communications work

ECOLISE’s communications working group supports and advises our part-time communications coordinator, Iva Pocock. The social media team plays a vital role in ECOLISE’s social media presence.

Communications working group members are:

Evan Welkin; Francesca Whitlock, GEN-Europe; Nenad Maljkovic, Croatian Permaculture Association; Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Permaculture Association UK and Iva.

The social media team members are Alisa Dendro, Baltic Ecovillage Network; Nenad and Iva.

What we are working on

The European Day of Sustainable Communities is one of ECOLISE’s flagship events which celebrates and raises the profile of community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability. In 2019 the day will be celebrated on 21st September. It is key to ECOLISE communications work.

ECOLISE communications shares information and experience within and outside the network and through the publication of a monthly newsletter, the updating of this website and sharing on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

ECOLISE communications also oversees the production of ECOLISE publications such as the 2018 booklet Local, community-led: a new future unfolding.

How you can get involved

If you would like further information about ECOLISE’s communications, please contact Iva.