• ‘Communities for Future’ launches across Europe with a series of online workshops

    A new action programme to inspire, empower and enable local community-led responses to the climate and ecological emergency is being launched via a series of events from 21st September, culminating in the ‘Brussels’ launch on Tues 29th September. Online workshops to launch Communities for Future are being hosted in Croatia,

  • Save the Date! Launch of Communities for Future

    Tuesday 29th September 2020, 9h30-12h CEST (8.30am-11am BST) Communities for Future is a new, integrated Europe-wide programme to inspire, empower and enable local community-led responses to the climate and ecological emergency. The launch of Communities for Future will explore the potential of communities to revive local economies as we emerge

  • Call for Communities for Future artwork! 

    ECOLISE, with its members and partners, is launching the new Communities for Future action programme on Tuesday 29th September 2020. Artists are asked to join in! How? By designing a poster showing how communities contribute to change. How are communities responding creatively to the climate and ecological emergency, and now

  • ECOLISE launches the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020

    ECOLISE today launched the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020, with a special call to citizens and communities who have led local responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to join the day. “The Coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief the essential role of communities in times of crisis –

  • ECOLISE is hiring! Seeking an Administrative Assistant

    ECOLISE has just opened an office in Brussels and is currently recruiting for the post of Administrative Assistant. We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter, eager to learn and contribute to ECOLISE’s work. The Administrative Assistant will assist and support the Executive and Deputy Director with financial, human resources

  • ECOLISE states unequivocally that Black Lives Matter

    Wednesday June 3rd 2020 ECOLISE stands in solidarity with all people of colour and those experiencing racism and oppression. We at ECOLISE don’t want to go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. The world that we imagine and want to bring forth doesn’t rely on violence and murder to maintain

  • How is the Covid-19 pandemic changing our relationship with food?

    A questionnaire on our changing behaviour and attitudes to food during the Covid-19 pandemic has been launched by research institutions and other organisations including ECOLISE. There is much anecdotal evidence that food is becoming more central to many people’s lives during the crisis. The purpose of this survey is to

  • ECOLISE is recruiting a Network & Outreach Assistant

    ECOLISE is now at an exciting stage in its development and is currently establishing the new post of Network and Outreach Assistant. The new post-holder will assist and support the Network and Outreach Coordinator with network development and outreach work. Are you inspired to play a leading role in a

  • Do collective energy initiatives support ‘strong sustainability’?

    Researchers involved in a project on collective action on sustainable energy (COMETS), including ECOLISE’s Research Coordinator, Tom Henfrey, have released their first academic publication, a book chapter entitled Collective Action Initiatives in the Energy Transition. Supporters of a strong sustainability paradigm? It is available for download from ResearchGate. The chapter

  • A Potato Revolt begins in Sweden in response to covid-19

    On 11th April 2020 a handful of local citizens in the north Swedish town of Söderhamn marched to the city hall demanding action on food production in light of the Covid-19 crisis. Their actions have sparked similar protests around Sweden, reminiscent of the Potato Revolt of 103 years ago. At