• Climate action facing stronger headwinds at COP22

    (15 November 2016) – Donald Trump’s election appears to have stalled the momentum of the Paris Agreement. Concern over the future of the deal is palpable among participants at the COP22 in Marrakesh. “After a difficult year, we have things to celebrate,” said EU Climate Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete. “Not

  • ECOLISE at the first European Commons Assembly in Brussels

    (14 November 2016) – The first meeting of the European Commons Assembly will take place in Brussels from the 15th-17th of November 2016 and ECOLISE will be represented by Genny Carraro, Managing Director of GEN-Europe. This event provides an opportunity for commoners from around Europe to gather in solidarity, network

  • Energy, transport and environment statistical book

    (10 November 2016) – Eurostat today publishes the 2016 edition of the Energy, Transport and Environment Indicators Statistical Book. The publication opens with a general data chapter which offers a first macroscopic overview of the main characteristics of the EU and its position with regard to the main economies worldwide.

  • What President Trump could mean for energy and climate policy

    (09 November 2016) – Before Donald Trump was elected America’s new president in yesterday’s elections (8 November), experts told EurActiv.com that his presidency would have a corrosive effect on global and EU climate and energy policy. According to Eurasia Group’s Divya Reddy, (Trump’s election) will represent a significant setback for

  • Articles/reports wanted for GEN COP22 web section

    (07 November 2016) – The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is looking for articles or reports to feed its COP22 web section. GEN is currently working on the GEN web section for COP22. It will include a new section called something like “Climate/Ecovillage Documents and Reports” which will include a variety

  • Carbon footprint of solar panels under microscope

    (07 November 2016) – As the COP22 opens this week in Marrakesh, recent news about solar power has been positive, with record-breaking tariffs reflecting the fast-declining price of solar electricity. But even solar plants can come with a heavy environmental footprint, writes Andreas Wade of First Solar. Concentrated Solar Power

  • Caprio film, Brexit, getting stoned, doing fun stuff and more in the Transition Network Newsletter

    (04 November 2016) – The Transition Network Newsletter opens this month with a review of an irony free film about Climate Change by the owner of a $200m yacht, an award for a film, a new inspiring French film and two pieces on Brexit. It really isn’t time for everybody

  • Paris Agreement enters into force

    (04 November 2016) – The Paris Agreement legally enters into force today; 30 days after the EU’s ratification pushed it past the threshold to take effect. The event comes less than a year after the landmark agreement was adopted and just days ahead of the UN climate conference in Marrakech,

  • Towards an integrated rural development policy 2.0

    (03 November 2016) – In an article published by ARC 2020, rural sociologist Jan Douwe van der Ploeg (Wageningen University, the Netherlands) outlines his vision for what he calls integrated rural development. In recent years, European agriculture has effectively moved from a highly protected system towards a liberalized sector, with

  • A LIFE-line for 144 innovative projects investing for a better environment and climate action

    (03 November 2016) – The European Commission has approved an investment package of €222.7 million to support Europe’s transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future. The EU funding will spur additional investments leading to a total of €398.6 million to be invested into 144 new LIFE projects in 23