• Making Local Woods Work – Networking Event

    Making Local Woods Work – Networking Event Everybody involved in community woods is warmly invited to join us for a unique opportunity to connect and learn with other people and woodland projects. This event is open to anyone running or setting up a woodland social enterprise. The event is set

  • La Fête des Possibles

    Le projet de société juste et durable auquel une grande majorité des citoyens aspire s’écrit jour après jour depuis des dizaines d’années. Des milliers d’initiatives concrètes se développent sur nos territoires et constituent de nouvelles habitudes de vie, de nouveaux modes de consommation et de production. Retrouvons-nous du 18 au

  • Transition Kerry Sustainable Space @ Tralee Food Festival

    Transition Kerry Sustainable Space – Saturday 23rd September. Transition Kerry will be hosting a Sustainable Space at Tralee Food Festival to celebrate the good work that is being done in the region to make communities more sustainable and resilient. There will be space for local community groups and small local

  • Jornadas de presentación del proyecto de la ReciCreativa

    Aprovechamos el 1º Día europeo de las comunidades europeas para presentar nuestro proyecto que queremos lanzar a principios de octubre en Granada. Programación y horario por determinar. Incluirá: – Talleres gratuitos todo el día – Presentación del proyecto y de su financiación a través de la financiación participativa – Demonstración

  • MAKE IT FUNKY – Fermentation & Swap meet

    We will use seasonally available autumn vegetables to learn easily accessible fermentation techniques. Additionally, we’ll try out different cabbage variations and will test the Korean speciality Kim-Chi. Afterwards, we’re inviting you to the first official ferment-swap in town!

  • 11. Slovenian Ecovillage Day

    Every year 200-300 people gather at a different initiative in Slovenia to share experiences and knowledge, present emerging permaculture and ecovillage initiatives, enjoy music and good food. 11th Ecovillage Day will include Slovenian Transition movement, looking into opportunities for deeper synergies and reaching out from community-led innovation to municipal, regional

  • primer Día Europeo de las Comunidades Sostenibles en Los Portales

    La red europea ECOLISE en colaboración con el Comité Económico y Social Europeo (EESC) organiza el 23 de septiembre el primer Día Europeo de las Comunidades Sostenibles con un evento en Bruselas y muchos otros ocurriendo simultáneamente en todo Europa. Se presentarán los proyectos pioneros locales en la construcción de

  • 11th Ecovillage Day

    For more than 10 years 200-300 Slovenian ecovillage enthusiasts unite to share ideas and inspiration. This year we’re meeting on the European Day of Sustainable Communities to join our voice with the voices of many similar initiatives from around Europe.

  • Making the Energy Transition a European Success

    (25 August 2017) – A report published by the Jacques Delors Institute sets out four objectives which it says could contribute to the success of the Energy Union, and in turn restore trust between Europe and Europeans. If there is one project today which carries a positive vision for Europe,

  • Fishguard & Goodwick PLASTIC OCEAN DAY

    Our Community day to celebrate our aim for clean, plastic free oceans. Workshops, story telling, competitions, beach clean, stalls, speakers and a showing of the acclaimed documentary ‘The Plastic Ocean’