• Celebrar la Vida, Soñar Futuros – ‘Dreaming Futures, Celebrating Life’

    We celebrate together, Arterra Bizimodu, the Lakabe Community, and other sustainable projects in our land; with local institutions. Lakabe is one of the oldest community projects in Europe.

  • Zegg – Forum, uno strumento di comunicazione sociale che crea comunitá

    Il FORUM é una particolare forma di cerchio, che usa il centro del cerchio come campo energetico e grazie all’assenza di giudizio nel ascolto e una totale libertá nel espressione il Forum crea uno spazio per sperimentare una comunicazione sociale in un ambiente intimo di fiducia. La fiducia nasce quando

  • Soirée citoyenne de lancement de jardin communautaire à Dippach, Luxembourg

    La nouvelle association du mouvement de la Transition au Luxembourg, Transition Dippech asbl, lance comme premier projet la création d’un jardin partagé afin de développer avec les citoyens et les agriculteurs de la région des projets agroécologiques et pédagogiques. Pour ce faire, Transition Dippech asbl veut solliciter les citoyens, les

  • European biogas digester project seeks support

    By Riccardo De Amici  (7 September 2017) – A couple of years ago, international sustainable technology expert Dr. T.H. Culhane gifted to the  Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Europe a metal mould to build a nano-scale, 10 cubic metre biogas digester. The moulds were gifted to the network with the aim

  • Sign the People4Soil petition to give rights to the soil!

    (7 September 2017) – The deadline for the People4Soil petition to get European institutions to adopt specific legislation on soil protection is fast approaching. The last day of signature gathering is Tuesday 12th September. People4 Soil is a free and open network of European NGOs, research institutes, farmers associations and

  • Transition Luxembourg @ Oekofestival

    Information stand on Transition Luxembourg activities and projects

  • How to build a fantasy world in an ecological farm

    Hästekasen Farm Association is in the process of founding a self sustainable eco-community and learning centre and finding new ways to re settle the countryside. We experiment with new and traditional ways of building and farming. We run a small scale community farm with many nature-related activities. Since we joined

  • Permaculture for farms conference produces excellent learning materials

    (11 September 2017) – The ‘Permaculture for Farms’ programme which took place this summer in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, has made available a suite of learning materials in the form of recorded conference presentations, slides and a report of visits to six sustainable farms. The conference focused on

  • Record crowd gather at Global Ecovillage Network Europe assembly in Sweden

    (6 Sept 2017) – Over 600 people gathered in August at the Ansbacka ecovillage, Sweden, for Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Europe’s annual general assembly. The conference revolved around three themes:  solidarity, resilience and hope. One of the guest speakers was well-being and localisation campaigner Helena Norberg Hodge who co-founded GEN

  • Celebrar la vida, Soñar futuros

    Por primera vez, ECOLISE (red que reúne iniciativas locales de toda Europa, ecoaldeas, permacultura, transición) y la EESC ( European Economic and Social Commitee) promueven la celebración de una jornada para visibilizar y celebrar las muchas iniciativas locales por la sostenibilidad. Arterra Bizimodu Ecoaldea y La Comunidad de Lakabe ,