• ECOLISE joins call for citizens to co-create next EU Research Framework Programme

    (3 November 2017) – ECOLISE has joined with 17 other civil society organisations in calling for citizens’ and civil society’s involvement in co-creating the structure and mission of the EU’s next Research Framework Programme (FP9). In a briefing entitled ‘Engaging​ ​citizens​ ​&​ ​civil​ ​society​ ​in defining​ ​FP9’s​ ​missions​ ​and​ ​maximising

  • Call for contributions to urban resilience trade-offs database

    (24 October 2017) – In response to the growing number of research papers addressing the issue of urban resilience trade-offs, the Urban Resilience Research Network is calling for contributions to a new database. A resilience trade-off refers to actions, policies or projects that enhance the capacity to adapt to a

  • Invitation: Transformative learning educators gather to plan online portal

    (19 October 2017) – In mid November the prospect of a European portal for transformative education will be discussed at a two-hour online colloquium hosted by IFIS, the Institute for Integral Studies. The idea for the portal emerged at the co-creative gathering ‘Education for Sustainable Communities’ that was held last

  • ECOLISE joins Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe & SDG Watch Europe

    (19 October 2017) – ECOLISE recently joined two important climate and sustainability networks based in Europe and internationally – Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Sustainable Development Goal Watch Europe. CAN Europe members’ assembly approved ECOLISE membership on 13th October 2017. It is Europe’s largest NGO coalition working on climate

  • Empower community action on climate change, communities tell Scottish government

    (20th October 2017) – The results of six community consultations by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN, an ECOLISE member) at the invite of the Scottish Government have been published in a report entitled ‘We Need More Ambition!’. The responses from 124 people who participated in the workshops held across

  • Transformative Cities award process launched by international think-tank

    (19th October 2017) – Transnational Institute, the international think-tank on international politics and environmental and social justice, has recently launched a Transformative Cities initiative that builds on TNI’s long work of supporting movements against privatisation and the building of accountable, effective, socially and environmentally justice services. There has been a

  • Family picnic day

    1)GREEN BASKETS- On mondays, 18-19h, Community supported agriculture 2)FARMERS MARKET- on wednesday-17-19h on saturday-10-12h You can come and ask about the goods we sell, about the production, you can even try the goods,you can look for tips about farming…etc. and all because you buy it directly from the producer. Producers:

  • EU officials and stakeholders welcome the European Day of Sustainable Communities

    (25 September 2017) – EU officials and stakeholders from local and regional government, the European Parliament, ecovillages, the Transition movement, community initiatives and researchers welcomed the first European Day of Sustainable Communities at a launch conference in Brussels on 22nd September, co-hosted by ECOLISE and the European Economic and Social

  • Obiteljski festival u parku

    1. PiKNiK IZAZOV, 11-13h Pošaljite nam fotografiju svoje obitelji na pikniku u Parku Stara Trešnjevka. Najbolji piknik koncept osvaja nagrade! 2. Dječji MODNI izazov, 12:30h Mališani koji su se samostalno odjenuli za Obiteljski festival mogu prošetati svoj “stajling” na “Dječjoj špici” i osvojiti nagrade. Dob stilista: 3+! GLAZBENI izazovi Obiteljskog

  • Welcome to Autumn

    We spend a half day together, near the European Day of Sustainable Communities, to learn about the news that have been here at the ” Court of Wind “, and to stay in the company of the full community. We will meet each other up to 3 pm. We will