A LIFE-line for 144 innovative projects investing for a better environment and climate action

(03 November 2016) – The European Commission has approved an investment package of €222.7 million to support Europe’s transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future. The EU funding will spur additional investments leading to a total of €398.6 million to be invested into 144 new LIFE projects in 23 Member States.

€323.5 million will go to projects in the field of environment and resource efficiency, nature and biodiversity and environmental governance and information.
In the field of climate action, the investment will support climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation and climate governance and information projects totalling €75.1 million.

Selected projects support the EU’s target to reduce GHG emissions by at least 40 % by 2030, contributing to the shift towards a low carbon and climate resilient economy.

Some examples of 2015 projects include restoration and carbon storage in peatlands in five EU countries (Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland), demonstration of the production of low-emission cement and concrete products in France, enhancing the climate resilience of vineyards in Germany and implementing adaptation measures in urban areas in Cyprus.

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