SIRCle Closing Event

(01 June 2017) – The SIRCle Project Team, which includes members of ECOLISE, invites you to its Closure Event, on 29 June, in Brussels.

SIRCle (Social Innovation for Resilient Communities) received three years’ funding from the EU to create a curriculum that is designed to support people in establishing social enterprises, or transforming their work environments in such a way as to enable them to combine their care for the planet and for socially sustainable initiatives with the ability to make a living.

It is now time to share publicly stories and findings, and the inspiration gathered from over 200 social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who took part in the 12 Evoneers’ Journey Pilot training programmes in six EU countries.

Seats are still available by registering here. For more information, please contact Eveline Durieux ().

Final programme