Degrowth Summer School: Visions for a social-ecological transformation, Pödelwitz (close to Leipzig), Germany

The 4th Degrowth Summer School [1] takes place from July 29 to August 2 at the Climate Camp Leipziger Land [2]. For the first time, the climate camp will be in a village threatened through a coal mine: Pödelwitz. At the summer school, we want to develop visions and pathways for a society and economy which allows a good life for all. A society in which Pödelwitz is not destroyed for profits but gets a free connection to public transport and where we could live together in solidarity.

Register now at: https://anmeldung.degrowth.deor check out our video at:

In each course of the summer school, around 20 participants exchange over four days on topics suche as Participatory Economics – introduction & discussion [3], Good flight for all? – Utopias for a sustainable global mobility [4], Degrowing Europe – Fostering justice in south-northrelations? [5], and Post-development – Exploring existing visions from the Global South and alternatives to development cooperation [6]. Please register if you want to participate!

Besides the courses, there will be panels around climate justice, coal, degrowth, transformation and care, as well as a cultural program with movies, music, theater and performances. Moreover, the organizing team has also prepared a program and day-care for kids. And, obviously, you‘ll get delicious collectively prepared food and enjoy the atmosphere of a self-organized camp.