6th International Degrowth Conference

The 6th International Degrowth Conference for ecological sustainability and social equity will take place in Malmö, Sweden 21-25 August 2018, with two twin conferences taking place the same year – in Mexico City, Mexico (4-6 September 2018) and at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium (18-19 September 2018). 

A team composed of ECOLISE member organisations will be present at the event representing ECOLISE’s core networks: the Transition, Ecovillages and the Permaculture movements. Within the group we find the Swedes –  Pella Thiel (Transition Network Sweden), Peter Hagerrot and Anna Kovasna (GEN Sweden) and Emilia Rekestad (Permaculture Sweden) – as well as Robert Hall (ECOLISE president), and community-led action researchers Tom Henfrey (ECOLISE Research Support in the Knowledge and Learning Working Group) and Filipe Alves.
One aim of these Swedish ECOLISE member organisations is to bridge what happens within this international event with the local context of Malmö and the surrounding region. An Open event is therefore planned outside the event itself. Secondly by participating together at this conference Swedish ECOLISE members are given an opportunity to further bond and act jointly.
A third purpose is to explore the concept of Degrowth together with a diversity of stakeholders including activists, artists and those from academia, business and more.