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  • We’re looking for an Operations Manager

    NOTE: There have been some changes to this role during the application period, due to internal shifts. Namely, the title has changed from “General Manager” to “Operations Manager”, the fee rate is a little lower and the level of responsibility is lower than originally planned. Thank you for your understanding. 

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  • We’re looking for a short-term freelance Communications Campaigner

    ECOLISE is seeking a talented and passionate individual to support our team as a Communications Campaigner during our advocacy campaign focused on the upcoming EU elections. This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact by driving communication strategies aimed at raising awareness, mobilizing support, and influencing policy change on critical

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  • We’re hiring! Network and membership role

    We are thrilled to announce another exciting opportunity to join our passionate team as a Network and membership role. As a team, we are a group of passionate, purpose-driven individuals who bring our whole hearts and creative minds to the workplace and the service of our members. We foster a human-centred

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