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  • Wrap-up of ECOLISE’s 2022 Policy Stakeholder Event

    Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal: towards transformative local development policies ECOLISE has been in conversation with members and partners during a consultation process around 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development. The aim? To trigger conversations – and to arrive at a shared policy position on transformative local

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  • From Community Action to Policy Change: 3 Key Takeaways from ECOLISE’s 2022 Policy Positioning Process

    Humanity is facing a deep and multifaceted social-ecological crisis. Only with radical transformations of our values, institutions and behaviours can we begin to create a world based on social equity that allows for a good life for people and the planet. A community-led transformation of society can contribute to bringing

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  • Climate Campaigners

    Cities unite against climate change via an interactive app

    This article is adapted from an article originally published by ICLEI Europe. Saving the climate is not just an issue for politics and business. Only if we all change our habits and behaviour sustainably will we have a future worth living. This is the idea behind the new, interactive Climate Campaigners

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