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  • ECOLISE launches the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020

    ECOLISE today launched the 4th European Day of Sustainable Communities 2020, with a special call to citizens and communities who have led local responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to join the day. “The Coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief the essential role of communities in times of crisis –

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  • ECOLISE is hiring! Seeking an Administrative Assistant

    ECOLISE has just opened an office in Brussels and is currently recruiting for the post of Administrative Assistant. We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter, eager to learn and contribute to ECOLISE’s work. The Administrative Assistant will assist and support the Executive and Deputy Director with financial, human resources

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  • ECOLISE states unequivocally that Black Lives Matter

    Wednesday June 3rd 2020 ECOLISE stands in solidarity with all people of colour and those experiencing racism and oppression. We at ECOLISE don’t want to go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. The world that we imagine and want to bring forth doesn’t rely on violence and murder to maintain

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