Welcome to Autumn

We spend a half day together, near the European Day of Sustainable Communities, to learn about the news that have been here at the ” Court of Wind “, and to stay in the company of the full community.

We will meet each other up to 3 pm. We will share food and drink for a snack together, and invite anyone who can make their contribution.

If you want to come, let us know. Click on the punch below and leave your name http://bit.ly/2fkMR3e

# EDaySC2017 #communityled
ECOLISE EESC – European Economic and Social Committee

When: 30/09/2017 15:00
Where: https://www.cortedelvento.org/, the area of ​​Gierte, on a sunny plateau at 700 meters altitude,in San Rocco di Tretto, in the municipality of Schio (VI)., San Rocco di Tretto Schio Vicenza, 36015

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/325159764621017/?acontext=action_history[surfacepagemechanismpage_upcoming_events_cardextra_data[]]has_sourcetrue