Eamon O’Hara (Executive Director)

Eamon initiated and co-founded ECOLISE. He has been managing EU projects and initiatives on local development and the environment since 1994, both in Ireland and in Brussels where he worked with AEIDL and the European LEADER Observatory. In 2007 he lead the external communications team for the EU LIFE programme, with responsibility for coordinating the activities of 15 experts in communications and the environment. Eamon holds a bachelors degree in environmental science, a masters degree in climate change and sustainable development and post-graduate qualifications in business administration, project management and rural development. He now lives in France.



Inge Niestroy (Policy Coordinator)

Ingeborg has long-standing experience in European policy making as secretary general of a European network of advisory councils for sustainable development and environmental policy. She is passionate about the holistic perspective of sustainability, with a focus on governance for sustainable development. She has extensive experience in comparative analysis of national sustainable development governance and policies and the necessary links with local, regional/EU and global levels, and in linking different sectors, policy areas, knowledge arenas and stakeholder groups. She has a masters degree in geography, soil science and botany, and is a doctor of engineering. Ingeborg lives in Brussels.


Markus Molz (Knowledge and Learning Coordinator)

Markus has more than twenty years of experience working on transnational and transdisciplinary challenges in higher education institutions, EU projects, and civil society initiatives. As researcher, trainer, facilitator, consultant, coordinator and activist, he is devoted to synergising transformative research, transformative learning and transformative action to spur local sustainability transitions. His main concerns are system (re)design, paradigm change, knowledge integration, and co-creation of vision-to-action cycles. He has a masters degree in psychology with a concentration in intercultural relations, and a doctorate in education. Markus lives in Luxembourg with his family. He is also engaged in Transition Luxembourg.



Iva Pocock (Communications Coordinator)

Iva has been deeply involved in communicating on sustainability both professionally and as a volunteer since the early 1990s. She has worked for a number of environmental, development and justice NGOs, both national and international, based in Ireland and Sri Lanka. As a journalist she has written extensively for the Irish Times, among other media, covering social and environmental stories. She lived for six years in Brussels, Belgium, where she is proud to have instigated a small community garden. She is a founder member, in 1999, of Ireland’s first ecovillage, where she and her family now live. Iva holds a bachelors degree in geography and a masters degree in journalism.