Celebrate community-led action on sustainability and climate change!

All those involved in local, community-led action on climate change and sustainability are invited to join in celebrating the first European Day of Sustainable Communities on 23 September 2017.

How? By organising an event to showcase your work.

We want the day to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the community-led movement!

We know there are thousands of communities across Europe that are transforming themselves from the bottom up. With ground-breaking initiatives on everything from community energy to local food systems the ecovillage, transition, permaculture and agroecology movements, and others, are writing the blueprint for sustainable living.

On 22 September, the day before the European Day of Sustainable Communities, ECOLISE will be live linking to a handful of these communities at a joint event with the European Economic and Social Council (Europe’s advisory assembly of social partners).

Our aim is to bring a clear message to Europe’s policy makers and NGOs in Brussels:

‘Community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change have a vital role to play in achieving climate targets, preserving natural resources and biodiversity, and creating a fairer and more equitable society.’

No matter whether you live in a small rural village, the countryside or a large urban centre, if you are involved in creating a low-carbon, ecological future, please think of organising an event – expositions, workshops, open days, debates, or any other activity – for the European Day of Sustainable Communities.

And, very importantly, please register your event here.

Let’s keep building momentum!