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  • 10,000s sign up for online grassroots sustainability courses

    (21 June 2017) – Online learning as a tool for spreading sustainability knowhow has taken off, with tens of thousands of people signing up for courses on subjects as diverse as agroecology, reinventing democracy and ecovillage design. Two pioneers in this online field are L’Université des Colibris, the educational arm

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  • How much electricity is produced by wind?

    (19 June 2017) – An estimated 315 000 of the 3.1 million gigawatt-hour of gross electricity generated in 2016 in the European Union came from wind power. In other words, wind accounted for 10% of the total electrical energy produced in the EU in 2016. This is five times more

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  • Taking action on climate change will boost economic growth

    (09 June 2017) – Integrating measures to tackle climate change into regular economic policy will have a positive impact on economic growth over the medium and long term, according to a new OECD report. ‘Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth’ shows that bringing together the growth and climate agendas, rather

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