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  • freiburg

    Going local: Empowering cities to lead EU decarbonisation

    (05 December 2016) – Cities have the opportunity to be the key drivers of decarbonisation, but this will require the implementation of a new bottom-up governance system. A paper, published by Bruegel, outlines a four-step mechanism in order to achieve decarbonisation at city level. Decarbonisation and digitalisation are reshaping the

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  • soilaward

    Land and Soil Management Award

    (28 November 2016) – The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) has launched the 2016-2017 edition of its Land and Soil Management Award. Sustainable land and soil management is central to improve our food systems, maintain a healthy environment and ensure European rural development. Indeed, soils, through their structure and the great

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  • terramadre2

    It’s Time to Celebrate Terra Madre Day!

    (24 November 2016) – Held every year on December 10, Terra Madre Day serves as an opportunity to intensify the public awareness on the severe loss of biodiversity that is threatening food security and contributing to climate change. The Terra Madre network is made up of farmers, fishers, producers and

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