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  • How does your worldview affect your sustainability solutions?

    (25 April 2017) – Find out how your worldview and value systems affect your perceived needs and how you propose and design solutions by joining the 8-week Worldview dimension of Gaia education’s ‘Design for Sustainability’ E-Learning programme, starting 8th May. Learn to identify a series of valid perspectives, worldviews and

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  • Free Access to ‘A Quest for Meaning’ film until April 23rd starting today!

    (12 April 2017) – This documentary film recounts the life-changing journey undertaken by two childhood friends gone to question the workings of the world, our relationship with nature and the meaning of life. We are all prisoners of a logic which has proven destructive for mankind and planet Earth. To

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  • The European Ecovillage Conference 2017

    (07 April 2017) – GEN Europe invites you to celebrate possibilities, solutions and connections at the 2017 GEN-European Conference at Ängsbacka, Sweden. Brace yourselves for the 21st edition of GEN Europe’s summer conference, the yearly gathering where the inspired and the inspiring come together. From July 16th – 20th, come

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