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  • ECOLISE joins call for citizens to co-create next EU Research Framework Programme

    (3 November 2017) – ECOLISE has joined with 17 other civil society organisations in calling for citizens’ and civil society’s involvement in co-creating the structure and mission of the EU’s next Research Framework Programme (FP9). In a briefing entitled ‘Engaging​ ​citizens​ ​&​ ​civil​ ​society​ ​in defining​ ​FP9’s​ ​missions​ ​and​ ​maximising

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  • Call for contributions to urban resilience trade-offs database

    (24 October 2017) – In response to the growing number of research papers addressing the issue of urban resilience trade-offs, the Urban Resilience Research Network is calling for contributions to a new database. A resilience trade-off refers to actions, policies or projects that enhance the capacity to adapt to a

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  • Invitation: Transformative learning educators gather to plan online portal

    (19 October 2017) – In mid November the prospect of a European portal for transformative education will be discussed at a two-hour online colloquium hosted by IFIS, the Institute for Integral Studies. The idea for the portal emerged at the co-creative gathering ‘Education for Sustainable Communities’ that was held last

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