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  • Permaculture lessons from Portugal: arid land to a fertile Eden

    (18 May 2017) – Through simple permaculture practices such as digging swales (ditches) and creating water retention spaces, ecology experts at the Tamera community in southern Portugal have transformed an area on the brink of desertification – and say they can do the same anywhere in the world, reports Anna

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  • Transition and citizen-led sustainability groups inspire European municipalities to action

    (9 May 2017) – Across Europe municipalities are teaming up with Transition Network and other citizen-led movements to help boost their efforts in creating sustainable change. In Brussels, Belgium, an upcoming gathering of citizen-led sustainability initiatives on 13 May 2017 will consider the relationship between public authorities and the region’s

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  • Information for Action on Climate Change

    (8 May 2017) – A new international project has begun to produce a website compiling crucial information about practical steps that, if widely adopted, would support reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to below critical thresholds for climate change. ‘Information for Action on Climate Change’ is being spearheaded by the

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